October, 11 2020

Top 4 Insta-Worthy Spots in Tulum

If your instagram feed this summer has been flooded with Tulum posts, this growing vacation spot only continues to get more and more popular. From the incredible Cenotes to the Tulum Ruins of Mexico, you are guaranteed to snap a great picture; or 10. Here’s a guide to help you out on the best instagram-worthy locations in Tulum.

  • Casa Malca Swing

  • This abandoned mansion along the beach road was once the vacation home of the infamous Pablo Escobar. Art Collector, Lio Malca, purchased the beautiful home in 2013 with plans on turning it into a luxurious hotel, and that he did. Although there are multiple locations around Casa Malca for photo ops due to the immaculate art-filled interior, the entrance is enough to make you stop for a photoshoot. Draped with curtains made out of hundreds of wedding dresses scaling both sides of the couch swing and large, colorful, rustic rugs covering the ground, this unique location is more than worthy of a gram. (Photo Tip: Have someone take a picture of you from the top of the steps across from the swing to really elevate your instagram) 

  • Cenote Suytun

  • If you come to Tulum, one of the things you absolutely must do is go to a Cenote. Lucky enough for you, there’s thousands to choose from (Check back for our guide on all things Cenotes). These pits of natural groundwater make for a great activity and an even better photo. Cenote Suytun is definitely a fan favorite. A long, thin walkway leads you to a circular, stone platform in the middle of the water, perfectly lit by beams of light overhead. Everything about this spot is aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Ven A La Luz Installation 

  • If you are driving down the beach road, you are bound to see many people surrounding this art installation for a photo. “Ven A La Luz,” meaning Come into Light, makes the perfect entrance for the upscale, eco-friendly beach resort, Ahau Tulum. The wooden and steel sculpture stands at 10 meters tall, symbolizing the importance of Tulum’s ecosystem and nature. The unique detail with the greenery accents throughout the entrance draw a lot of attraction to this site. (Photo Tip: Try snapping a photo at night when the entire sculpture is lit up from within) 

  • Kin Toh at Azulik

  • This spot is one of the most unique in Tulum. This Mayan-Mexican treehouse restaurant nested in the Azulik Resort really adds to the overall dining experience. Amazing food and an even more amazing view. Come to this location during sunset for a romantic dinner date or fun night with friends to really capture the beauty of this gem. Every photo you take will have an incredible view, making it look like you are floating over the entire jungle.